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Who will win what?

Will I win more than other? Or who will sweep away all the trophies this year? These questions do a popup in the minds until the winner’s names are not revealed.

Recognition in the field of business opens new opportunities. We offer a platform to showcase new ideas, business plans & new marketing strategies. The Inclusion Awards also provides an opportunity to take Australian business inches ahead. Our aim is to bring foreign investors to explore the business and organisation arena of Canberra. Australia’s geographic location has an important role to play in the trade industry.

The investments made in the business and organisation industry are huge. We facilitate each & every industry in Australia as they all work towards making the country economically stronger & powerful. Inclusion awards recognise the work carried in fields like:

Business and Organisation in Canberra have experienced changes in the field of technology, innovation, marketing, telecom & communication, infrastructure, fitness & sports sector. Inclusion Awards are scheduled for the mid-week of January every year.

Our jury has the freedom to facilitate the most deserving person for making contribution in each business field. Neither we nor anyone from the business world can influence the decision of the people holding the office of the jury.


Our creative team has put in a lot of efforts to craft a beautiful combination of two elements. A man dressed in a black suit holds a golden colored tie as a memento recalls his/her contribution to the business world.

Inclusion Awards fecilitate business work by awarding:

  • Small Business Entrepreneur Awards
  • Small Business Entrepreneur Awards

The exclusive session of Winner’s photography carves almost every industrialist to be a winner. We design a special podium each year, where the business victors get clicked by the most amazing photographer of the country.

Three-day event turn heads of the international business fraternity towards Australia. Our culture believes in living a joyful life, thus the event them each year give a message on how to make life happy.