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The three-day celebration begins with

Day I

• Businessmen reaching the destination place with their family & officials
• Meeting & lunch with the investors
• Dinner hosted by the event sponsors

Day II

• Interactive sessions on business excellence, management & innovation
• Dinner in the honor of Government of the destination region


• Red Carpet event
• Curtain raiser
• Commencement of award ceremony
• Speech by the Businessmen of the year
• After awards dinner party

The idea of hosting a series of sessions on business excellence, management & innovation is to accelerate the speed of business expansion. The management allows the industrialist to know new skills to manage workforce, clients, deadlines & competitors. Lastly, the innovation session increases the understanding of including new work technologies, skillset & access to machinery.


• Business Excellence
• Service Excellence
• Marketing Excellence
• Communicative Excellence


• Human Resource Management
• Change Management
• Project Management
• Risk Management


• Product Innovation
• Service Innovation
• Marketing Innovation
• Digital Innovation
• Technology Innovation